LPT: Before traveling anywhere, always download an offline map of said area. In the case where you find yourself without WiFi or a SIM, it is a true life saver.

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Google maps makes this easy for cities. Alltrails is a solid choice for trails/hiking


Get crazy and bring an atlas. Nothing better than paper maps.


I would suggest always having even a super basic road atlas at all times in the car. Even a huge country like the US if you at least know what number highway to get on, or the direction of the nearest big city from where you are, it is a lifesaver.


Correct me if I’m wrong but GPS works this way: Satellites are constantly sending their signal/position where they are. If you are in a good spot your phone receives that signal and decipheres it. You need signal from at least 3 satellites (triangulation) to get your accurate position. So all the phone does is decipher and calculate your position based on those signals and you don’t need any cell tower signal or internet if you have downloaded specific area of the map where you currently are located.