LPT: Don’t make a purchasing decision on Amazon based off the reviews.

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Always read the 1-star reviews. Bad reviews (apart from emotional rants) are usually more specific (“The plastic is thin and the product has a strong chemical smell”) than good ones (“Great value! Would recommend!”). Don’t *follow* them, just read them. If a lot of people are criticizing the same aspect then it’s likely a genuine weak point of the product. Even then, you can decide if you can live with that or not.


Definitely read more than the 5 star reviews. Read the 3 and 4 star reviews. 3 stars are usually the most honest and touch upon both good and bad


I’ve started to avoid Amazon for this reason, and their cheap Chinese crap that has taken over tons of stuff.


Try fakespot website/app. It attempts to filter out the bad reviews and give you an adjusted star rating.