LPT: Don’t say Sorry if you haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t say Sorry if you cannot do something for someone when a favor is asked. Reserve sorry for only when you make a mistake and want to apologize or want to show empathy towards someone

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There’s a difference between “I’m sorry” and “I apologize”. It’s ok to be sorry about things you had nothing to do with. “I’m sorry you hurt yourself skating”.


Why wouldn’t I say sorry when I can’t do someone a favor? “Can you help me move a piano?” “My backs been bothering me, I can’t, I’m sorry.” I’m empathetic to the struggle of moving a piano but am enable to help.


Sorry, I will not change my sorry ways.


These are all common expressions, and there’s nothing self evident that makes what you say a life tip, rather than you just voicing your opinion or preferences, so, yea, sorry, but I don’t agree.