LPT: When meeting someone with an abnormal trait, even if you mean well (i.e. saying “Wow, you’re so tall”), don’t draw attention to it in your first conversations. Most people just want to be seen for their character, not their physical traits.

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This sub is fucking hilarious. It’s sometimes like reading AI or aliens give each other tips for fitting into society.


In my acne’s heyday, I’ve had people point out new zits to me all the time. Was tempted to reply, “Yes, thanks. Grew it myself 🤗”


In other words, don’t be Captain Obvious. People know they have that third arm growing out of their forehead, etc.


If I do, its always in the form of a compliment, and nothing I know people are often insecure about (I avoid the height one unless its for a joke with mine, 5’0)