“Madness in the Mountains” (2021) Seven hikers go in, only one comes out- a teenager with a horrifying tale of her group’s lunacy and eventual death. This is way stranger than the Dyatlov Pass incident and the documentary has actual footage of the victims of the 1993 incident [00:43:32]

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Super interesting topic but the voiceover is actually unbearable after a few minutes – something is so off with the pacing of the words.


Where is my tldr???


Dyatlov pass was an avalanche. There’s 0 mystery there.


Mediocre at best research and second or third-hand accounts only. The researcher of this didn’t speak russian nor did see effort to find someone who does. Also it was in 93, the survivor would still in all likelihood be alive and could be interviewed if someone made an actual effort. All in all, a nice bedtime story told with soothing voice but not a documentary by any other than American standards.


Someone call MrBallen