My professor told me that I’m failing my ethics class

So I slid 20 dollars across the table and said _what about now…?_

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Professor, “That’s insulting. Make it at least 100.”


My professor was also a midget. I always paid him under the table.


My college cut an ethics class and replaced it with an unnecessary course. A group of us made a a bit of a fuss over it, and as part of the deal they gave us the ethics textbooks that they were originally going to provide for the class. It was a wrapped, new textbook. I returned it to a local bookstore and made ~$85.


i did the same thing to my economics professor except he gave me the money and said to pay him back when i get the grade. I dropped out


The bar association code of ethics prohibits lawyers from having sex with their clients. – This is to prevent clients from being billed twice for essentially the same service.