New studies show the immense amount of effort that US politicians put into restricting abortion access, despite what the science and the beliefs of the majority of Americans says.

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These people are not doing things in the interest of the people they serve. They do things to line their own coffers.


I would respect and understand their beliefs if I didn’t see them cutting child care, early education, health care, food stamps and every other thing that’s necessary for a baby. I believe in my heart that torture is worse than death. It’s better to prevent a birth if the alternative is a miserable abusive life from poverty to prison. If you care about babies, prove it.


Honestly sometimes I think it goes beyond playing to the religious base. Forcing unwanted children generally creates a family stuck in poverty for their entire lives. Poor people that are stuck working their asses off until they die are great for the economy. They don’t have time to protest or be upset about other problems in the world, they only worry about the next pay check and keeping their child fed. They are the perfect “not quite slave” labor force.


What does the science say? This seams entirely disconnected from science. It is an opinion based topic. I am quite happy with the respectful conversations that have come from this post, glad people can get along and disagree at the same time.


Politicians don’t care about abortion, they only care about the divisiveness of the issue to leverage votes. That in itself should be a crime.