‘No one’s surprised’: Trump ally, Gov. DeSantis facing vaccine bribery allegations

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Let’s see how many Republicans call for his resignation. Yeah I thought so.


Giant donations from rich neighborhood that got vaccine? Nothing to see here.


This must really fuck with the dumb republican voters. Remember, 1) Covid isn’t this big of a deal. People get sick and die every day. 2) Vaccines are a trick to hurt poor people 3) Bill Gates wants to track everyone to help the 1%. So this story literally contradicts everything these ass hats have been preaching for the last year. If Covid wasn’t a big deal why are super rich people paying government employees to get their hands on vaccine? If Vaccines are specifically designed to hurt the poor and keep the 1% the 1% then why are the 1% paying to get the vaccine?


Maybe we should just let global warming plunge Florida into the ocean.


It’s Florida, medical fraud is basically a prerequisite for the governorship. Rick Scott was ceo of a company convicted of the largest Medicare fraud case in history, and went on the be governor and now senator. If deSantis gets actually convicted of this he will be basically locking in his future as a GOP leader in the state for the next decade.