Nutritious spices?

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My question is, is the quantity not WAY too small to have any beneficial effect?

WolfofAnarchy has many interesting articles and videos on spices and the benefits.


Spices in general are an extremely healthy addition to any diet. Each spice has different positive qualities. Basically they’re all excellent. There are many traditional applications of spices that have a medicinal/health promoting purposes such as; thyme tea for colds and flus, mustard plaster for coughing, oregano oil for infections etc. Rosemary on grilled meat reduces the carcinogen compounds that form from high temperature cooking. Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties. You’ll need to read up on individual spices for specific benefits but adding a wide variety of them to your meals is absolutely fantastic.


Turmeric is a must for me


Throw some garlic in your eggs as a base. Doesn’t make them too italianish and garlic is great for your gut. It works in a ton of different dishes.