Old guy says relax. You’ve literally been through 3 of these in the last year.

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Old guy here, 44. Investment professional since 98, been through the big three crashes. This is a dip. We had two dips this fall. 4 months later we’re still up 15% including this dip. Get rich slowly you paper handed little bitches. This is normal. Stocks go up and sometimes they need a little rest. Edit: thanks for the awards, now stop selling, it’s fucking green


When in doubt, zoom out


Im somewhat enjoying how the market reacts to these things and what sectors are effected, what sectors benefit, and how to hedge. I’m learning a lot.


Thanks for this. Theres a lot of new investors (including myself) due to covid and the whole gme/memestock craze. People just need to zoom out on the charts and look at the 1 year to 5 year increases. The market rewards the patient


I didn’t close positions when 150% up, I for sure am not closing them on -50% lol. I might not ever close them