One Arizona county has so many vaccine doses, it’s now able to offer them to anyone over 18

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See to me this is just a sign of a bad roll out. Other states or counties probably have elderly and vulnerable who need those doses more. Where is the fairness?


My hospital told me to stop asking them when I could put in an application for a vaccine(I live in a very small city). I guess vaccines get shipped out randomly. Glad other places have the vaccine…


Why are some areas of the country getting so many more vaccines than others? I am a 54 year old type 2 diabetic and I have to wait until May.


My husband is considered 1B and our state is currently at phase 1C. He got an appointment and all the necessary paperwork to get vaccinated yesterday. When he shows up he finds out that the county is claiming to only be at phase 1A and turns him away. I’ve checked my local news and I haven’t seen anything about people being turned away, in fact the articles are about people NOT being turned away even when they’re ineligible. And the county’s official site says they are vaccinating 1A and 1B. So fucking frustrating.


Good, give it to those who want it.