Palantir is the best long run $PLTR

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So how many years of growth are required before the valuation of TODAY is anywhere near to being justified?


A whole bunch of DD, not one mention of actual profit to support the valuation. Sales =/= profit.


I’ve used the software before. It’s a game changer. I think this thing is a legit long term play with tremendous upside. I’ll be loading up on this company during the correction for sure.


I’m long Palantir. In after the lockup expired with 500 shares with a DCA around 26.50. If you get a chance watch their video from January where they demo’d their software. Amazing stuff. Also, they have 3 products if I’m not mistaken…..Gotham, Foundry, and Apollo


I’m neutral on pltr, but I think it’ll take years before they could earn that 40B market cap. Right now it’s all speculation