People who have been using Reddit for over 10 years, how was it back then compared to now?

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Early memes were fun. The celebrity AMA’s were fantastic when Victoria was running them.


Things turned over faster. Miss a day of Reddit and you were completely lost when you got back on. It seems now that the same posts get reposted and cross posted all the time and stay for days.


It was smaller so there was a sort of sense of community. I used to go to Reddit meetups and actually met some cool people. People would post photos of themselves in “What do you look like?” threads since it was less toxic and they weren’t as worried about people recognizing them. AskReddit was cooler because there was no AutoModerator and you could pretty much ask any question.


On a more mechanical level, there was a lot more posting of links. Things didn’t embed the way they do now.


People actually observed reddiquette. Specifically upvotes are for relevance, not agreement. Downvotes are for irrelevance not dislike