Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli faces class-action suit over drug ‘monopoly’

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Oh how I miss the days when we all gathered around the campfire and hated this guy unanimously without walls or prejudices.


It’s crazy to me that this guy raised the price of a niche drug…. for the medical system not the consumer… and the public has absolutely shat on him. Meanwhile the price of insulin has been jacked up to an extreme more than shrekli ever did and it’s actually something that consumers need and have to pay for… and nobody gives a fuck. The problem with shrekli was he was powerful new money fucking over some old money. And old money controls the narrative so they got us all to hate him while doing exactly what they have us crucifying him for to an even greater extent.


Fix the system. The fact that he could do this, and other pharma companies are still doing things like this, is a cancer on society


TIL he’s also a moderator over at Wall Street Bets haha


Martin Shkreli is not “Pharma Bro,” he’s “Pharma Douche.” Please update your press kits accordingly.