Philippine authorities seized giant clam shells worth $3.3 million as smugglers turn to the endangered creatures as a substitute for ivory trade.

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Goddamn the people who buy these things and generate demand for it. I don’t care about the smugglers. Desperate people will always do what they have to in order to make a buck. But rich businessmen who buy this crap have a choice and still choose to make the world worse for everyone else just for some trivial benefit on their part. They’re petty, sad people we need to stop worshiping and start prosecuting.


They take a hundred years to become “giant clams”. They all live in shallower waters accessible to humans. If they become valuable then they will become extinct. This is the way of greedy humans. Destroy a life form just to have a few baubles and toys to amuse you before your own death.


What the fuck, does the magic only work if it’s a threatened/endangered species or something? Can someone please start a rumor there that Caribbean-sourced lionfish (or something else that’s overpopulated) fixes your boner problems? Or that jellyfish reverse aging, or whatever?


Motherfuck….how many times are we going to keep doing this?


You know what’s a great substitute for ivory? Not killing endangered species for useless decorations or luxury food items. Or possibly the bones of the wealthy.