Physicists Just Found 4 New Subatomic Particles That May Test The Laws of Nature: tetraquarks

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The below answered the main question I had — these are not new *fundamental* particles, but rather new combinations of types of quarks that we knew about. Not that it’s not a big deal. > The four new particles we’ve discovered recently are all tetraquarks with a charm quark pair and two other quarks. All these objects are particles in the same way as the proton and the neutron are particles. But they are not fundamental particles: quarks and electrons are the true building blocks of matter.


I look forward to the PBS Space Time episode that explains this in language I can understand.


Mind blowing, what we don’t know.


> You end up with a proton and a brand new “meson”, a particle made of a quark and an antiquark. This may sound weird but according to quantum mechanics, which rules the universe on the smallest of scales, particles can pop out of empty space. Can I think of a meson as an antiquark traveling backwards in time, then reversing direction so it can hang out with itself for all eternity?


This was a well written article. It didn’t have any moments that left me, as a layperson, totally failing to understand what the writer was trying to say. No doubt that’s because it’s written by a physicist rather than a journalist.