Princess Alice: The Royals’ Greatest Secret (2021) – Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was born deaf and diagnosed with schizophrenia, but served on the frontline as a military nurse. [00:57:05]

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Not if you watched The Crown


Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark. She wasn’t much of a mother, due to her illness, but she tried hard to be a good person. I think her flight from Greece during the Rule of the Colonels was done out of an abundance of caution, perhaps so that the junta could not try to use her.


The real Royal family’s greatest secret would probably be the “hiding” of two of Queen Elisabeth II first cousins in a mental asylum (Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon).


She gave everthing she had to the people of Greece. Owned like one dress when she died


Alice was incredible. She overcame her handicap of being deaf and learned to read lips and communicate in several languages. She was heavily involved in both wars, setting up hospitals in Greece, and she is “righteous among the nations” for her incredible choice to house and protect a Jewish family at her own peril. Not to mention she survived the useless, cruel, and bizarre treatment at an institution she was placed in. She took on the robe later in life, though she was never a true nun. She choose to do so in homage to her aunt Elizabeth Feodorovna, sister to the last tsaritsa, Alexandra. Aunt Ella as she was called, founded her own order despite great opposition in her aristocratic circles. She adored and was deeply inspired by this aunt, who died, broken, though martyred at the bottom of a mine shaft. Alice was a survivor and she gave that fighting spirit to her son, Phillip. I suggest reading “ Alice” by Hugo Vickers, it’s a fantastic biography about a woman extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily brave. A true inspiration.