Rep. Eric Swalwell Sues President Trump, Trump Jr., Giuliani, Over Capitol Insurrection

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Good, go after them from all angles.


Hit them in the only place they understand – their wallets.


> Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin) Should be D-California, right? Dublin is a city in his district


I mean there were republicans that flat out said if his 2nd impeachment trial was held in any other court, where the “jury” wasn’t made up of sycophants and co-conspirators, he would’ve been convicted of insurrection against the United States, 10 times out of 10. That impeachment trial was a joke, outside of the prosecution who made an extremely compelling case, of course. So hopefully a lot more lawsuits such as this one start getting thrown at Trump and co., and MAYBE something will stick.


Hey news. Stop interviewing lying white nationalist pieces of shit like Jason Miller and posting what they say without context. Nobody cares about him anymore and you’re giving his lies a broader platform.