Research shows countries led by women fare better against COVID-19

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I imagine countries run by scientists probably faired better than countries run by businessmen, royalty and ex-spooks.


Countries are led by giant bureaucracies, and not individuals.


So because the head of state is, right now, a woman that makes a huge difference for policies that have been built over decades, laws that have been passed, etc.?


This reminds me of the time an article presented statistics that women who ride horses are generally healthier than women who don’t. People assumed there must be many health benefits to riding- maybe. But they missed the glaringly obvious factor: women who ride horses are more likely to have a comfortable amount of money in their accounts and health insurance. I think we have great women leaders in the world, but being women doesn’t make them more logical or compassionate. Our typical voters are more critical of women so while the occasional lunatic slips in, there are more women in office of good stock.


I highly doubt this isn’t correlation to be honest.