Retinal Implants Equipped With 10,500 Electrodes to Give Artificial Vision to the Blind

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Just being able to navigate visually is a huge step forward. A picture of the simulated view would have been helpful.


**TL|DR -** smart glasses w/camera and processor send signals to a retinal implant that stimulates nerves to provide simplified black and white imagery. inventor likens it to a constellation of stars that users would learn to interpret the meaning of. no human trials yet 🙁


I’m going blind because my retinas are dying…I need this development to speed up…


This would generate the equivalent of a 100×100 pixel display. For comparison, the original generation game boy had something like 160×140 pixels.


This tech has the drawback that it stimulates ganglion cells with no type specificity, so ON and OFF pathways (among others) are both activated at the same time. It will also activate axons crossing the retina, leading to large-scale spatial blurring. This means the resulting vision will be low clarity and contrast, comprised of “phosphenes” rather than real pixels. It’s a good step if they can get it to work, though.