Ron Johnson forces reading of 628-page Senate coronavirus relief bill on floor

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If you do this, you should be forced to sit there through the whole thing.


That’s fine cause we’ve bitched about not having time to read the bills in the past. But make them sit and listen through the whole thing.


At least it backfired on him. After the reading, a Democratic senator proposed lowering the debate time from 20 hours to 3 hours. With no Republicans present to object, it passed.


I have no problem with bills being read on the floor. I think that congress should be required to attend the full reading, though. Maybe that would cut down on these silly 10k page bills with hundreds of riders unrelated to the main bill. But, obviously, this is not because he wants to reform congressional practice. It’s just part of the game where they all waste everyone’s time instead of voting like they’re paid to. So fuck him. EDIT: To be clear, I don’t know the contents of THIS bill. There may not be a bunch of ridiculous riders. I just mean in general.


And they weren’t allowed to read the Patriot act, that f-ed your so called freedom in the a.