Study finds that seeing your own brain activity helps you regulate activity in specific regions of the brain. This training, known as neurofeedback, offers an exciting and novel treatment method for psychiatric illnesses such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, and more.

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The frustration that I have knowing that neuro/bio-feedback is so helpful, yet underutilized, grows daily.


How does one get this neurofeedback setup for themselves?


My daughter does neurofeedback to help with her rigid thinking and mild ADHD. Within about a month, the change was dramatic. It’s expensive, and of course insurance won’t cover it, but it’s worth it


The headline reads: “When *peaking* at your brain may help with mental illness.” Emphasis mine. EDIT: It’s been corrected by the author.


I wonder if there’s been a study which specifically examines the effectiveness of neurofeedback with participants in psilocybin studies as well. Based on studies I’ve read about how it affects the brain, I hypothesize that the subjects’ would have an astonishingly heightened ability isolate and manipulate brain activity based on the neurofeedback. This would be most pronounced during dosing sessions (after they’ve cleared the peak) and in the following days, but may persist for some time after to a degree.