Study finds that those who are hostile to revising their beliefs in the face of new information are more likely to hold anti-vaccination sentiments and are less willing to be vaccinated for COVID-19

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Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes…


Study finds I drink water when I’m thirsty


My dad went out of his way to reach out to me just to condemn me and my wife for getting the vaccine and urged us to “do more research” before we get the second dose in a few weeks. He also believes the Earth is flat, and still believes that the previous president did not lose the election and that the people in DC on January 6th were “patriots”, so I takes his warnings with a grain of salt.


social sciences should get their own sub none of this is objectively provable and doesn’t belong next to respected hard science


I’m hostile to changing my beliefs in the face of people telling me that vaccines are bad. And I’m going to get the vaccine