Ted Cruz ‘traitor’ billboards go up in his Texas neighbourhood

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The nonexistence of Ted Cruz and his GOP colleagues would make the US and the world a much better place.


> Ted Cruz is being hunted by mobile billboards accusing him of being a “traitor”. Activist group Really American PAC posted an image on Twitter of a truck bearing a banner blasting the Texas Senator, encouraging followers to donate so that the activists can “stay in Cruz’s neighbourhood, follow him to church and more”. Going to guess Cruz will think this is ‘Rude’ like he did his neighbors for putting up Beto Signs. 🙄 Well, screw him! You know what’s even more rude???—fleeing to Cancun, DC, and CPAC before visiting any areas of the state affected by the winter storm. And oh yeah, helping to incite an insurrection on top of that. He deserves to be called much worse!!! 😤😡


forgot to add “your wife is ugly”


Too bad he has no shame or self-awareness


With all the vacations he take,s it’s not like he’s going to see those billboards