Texas school scraps assignment that had girls ‘obey any reasonable request of a male’

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>Boys were to call girls “milady” Dear lord please don’t


>“Outside the classroom, ladies cannot show intellectual superiority if it would offend the men around them,” Another great one.


>”I think she was just trying to find a different way to teach us about this topic,” Lain said. “So the men in our class honestly could kind of see how it really was to be a woman in the 1300s … because this is something too important for you to just learn on paper or read from a book.” If this was actually the intention, then how about having the *boys* in the class take on sexist female roles while the girls take on sexist male roles? You best learn how it feels to walk in another’s shoes by putting on those shoes yourself, not telling someone “Walk around a bit and let me observe how it appears to be for you.”


> *The lesson called for them to dress in “a feminine manner to please the men” and to “address all men respectfully by title, with a lowered head and curtsy.” It instructed them to “never criticize a male,” “initiate a conversation” or “whine.” It directed them to “walk behind men or walk daintily, as if their feet were bound.” And they were told to cook, clean and “obey any reasonable request of a male. If not sure if it is considered reasonable, ladies can check with their teachers.”* What is this, *The Handmaid’s Tale* dry run?


What the flying fuck is wrong with people?