Texas school’s “chivalry” assignment told girls to dress to please men

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> The assignment said “all ladies deemed worthy of the honor by the gentlemen” would get 10 points for every witness signature.  What the fuck


The historical inaccuracy in this assignment is off the charts. Literally nothing is even close to right. Its overwhelming… One gets the feeling that they just invented fake history to justify forcing girls to act out the teacher’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ fever dream for a day.


I hate everything about this


Wow, Texas is really trying for the “dumbest state in the country” title, huh?


Seems the intent was to illustrate oppression as a learning experience? “Chivalry” is arguably anti-equality masquerading as respectfulness and this seems to be trying to make that obvious. But what could possible boy go wrong. Next week is Slave Day!