The 8 Senate Democrats who voted against raising the minimum wage are collectively worth over $43 million

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> At least seven of the eight Democrats, which includes an independent who caucuses with Democrats (Angus King), are millionaires. Collectively, these lawmakers are worth more than $43 million. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen billionaires add $1.3 trillion to their net worths, these wealthy lawmakers rejected raising wages for American workers. Hmm… seems to me like these senators are more than just a little out of touch! At least be able to articulate why. So far, I’ve only seen public comments from Manchin and Sinema. What about these other millionaires?!?! 🤨😡


Jeez. U would think the raise in minimum wage was coming directly out of their paychecks. It does nothing to their pockets, why do they care? Who got to them?


Now do all senators


Just once, just ONE FU%&ING time, I’d like to hear a Senator or a Representative say “I know this is unpopular with some people, and may cost me re-election, but damnit, it’s the right thing to do”.


This story really pisses me off about how rich men argue against the pittance they deny others!