The fact users are spamming $SSR is enough proof that bots have infiltrated other subs.

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I love signals like these because it means I don’t have to research… because it’s obviously a trap.


Once the main stream media started continually mentioning reddit and WSBs, you knew the good times of wsb’s was about to be over. Everyone already knew about bots before this whole GME scandal broke for years. Now the media is giving reddit/wsb major face time and that is only because they have their own bots on here throwing out bs news like they report to us on the television. It makes even more sense when you see the stock news reporting that WSB is moving on to this stock now, like that isn’t disinformation and we are supposed to believe them wanting to help us little peons out.


Call me gullible, but it could still be a real person in my eyes lol. He’s just pumping the stocks he buys edit: my bad didnt know it meant short sale restrictions. I definitely believe its a bot now lol wow


Meanwhile GME with Rocketship is considered not bots


$SSR or $USSR? $CUM on cnbc, they should reeeeeeeport on this