The government shouldn’t only regulate predatory tuition increases, but also ask universities to publish statistics on the financial return each major generates.

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There is still the pretense that a degree is about improving your mind, not your earnings potential.


Terrible take. My undergrad is in music for god’s sake, and way too expensive for it’s value relative to music. But I got a thousand other things that helped me be solid at my current career and overall a more well-rounded person. I would argue mere $$ return can’t accurately convey the value of higher education of any kind. We all benefit when society is more educated.


It’s a shame that many colleges and universities are run as a business first, and a place of learning second


I’m going to say this is one of the worst takes I have ever seen. Education purely for the pursuit of profit is so abhorrently dystopian, and such a boomer argument. Anecdote. I pursued a degree in psychology and went into retail management then started my own business and now am heading to medical school. 2 things. 1) at which point do you put the valuation of my chosen major? 2) if I had pursued a more “traditional” premed route I would have probably failed out of college entirely and none of the rest would have happened.


The only long term investment in any society over any timeline is education. Full stop. The government should be providing free education to anyone who will work for it.