The Potato Heads don’t have genitals. They only assumed the titles of Mr. & Mrs. because that’s what they identify as.

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Fucking looking at you, Barbie and Ken.


After careful study, it seems they both have a singular hole where the genitals of most creatures are located, implying perhaps a single gendered cloaca. Further study is needed.


Makes sense that a toy whose entire premise is the opportunity to make choices about body parts would be gender fluid as well. Off to thingiverse now to see if there are any genitals to print for potatoheads.


god my mouth waters whenever i think about mr potato head and his veiny cock, no amount of words can ever describe how much i wanna take him out on a date, avoiding anything potato related because it’s cannibalism. we both get salads, as he whispers to me “let’s go to back to my house.~”. Blushed, I follow him to his car, the pizza planet truck. We arrive at “his” house. We both sneak in, he already has a big potato bulge as I start taking off my panties and sweatpants, exposing my big juicy asshole as I sit on his giant potato dick, the whole 11 inches, Moaning loudly as logic plays on the nearby radio. I begin to ride him slowly, his mouth falls off from the pleasure. I bounce faster, hearing footsteps approaching the room, “What the fuck?!?” Says a mysterious figure, as the toy I’m riding turns stiff, making his hard cock stiff in my asshole, causing it to pierce my intestines, grunting from pain I fall to the ground, whilst the figure flicks on the light, revealing himself to be Andy from toy story, He freaks out, seeing how I was riding his childhood toy, scarring him forever as he runs out, mouth wide open as my intestines hemorrhage, bleeding out as mr potato head whispers to me, “You are mine” as He takes off his eyes, ears, nose, Moving towards my dying body, putting his eyeballs in the place of mine, his ears attached to the side of my head lazily, and his nose just below mine. He moves his arm in his new body, now walking and looking back at his old weak potato body, as he walks out of Andy’s room… God that would be so hot <333


They have butts though, and pretty deep ones.