‘They Should Be Ashamed’: With Jobless Benefits to Expire in 9 Days, Republicans Pull Out All Stops to Obstruct Relief Bill | “When Sen. Johnson voted to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, he didn’t force staff to read the bill. But now that working people need help, he’s forcing a delay.”

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Why do republicans hate their fellow Americans so much? As someone from across the pond it baffles me this party can even exist with the way it behaves but yet they have millions of followers.


Why can’t they just tell him “No, read it yourself”? And why are they allowed to leave during the reading? ​ If you want the bill read out loud, you should have to do it.


As usual the gop pulls out all the stops to make sure the American people keep getting fucked. The blatant hate from Republicans against everyone who isn’t a billionaire has never before been more obvious.


You see, this is where Democrats need to do a press conference. Seante Democrats NEED to explain what the opposition is doing, in REAL TIME. GET IN FRONT OF A MICROPHONE. Say, “YOU WOULD HAVE YOUR STIMULUS BUT REPUBLICANS ARE USING DELAY TACTICS.” Get up in front of people. Shame them to their own voters.


As a Wisconsinite I’m sorry. I didnt vote for him last time and I sure as hell won’t vote for him in 2022