This is hell

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I’ll prolly get downvoted to hell for saying this, but stop using margin. It is a great tool for experienced investors, but can literally demolish you in a crash if you aren’t hedged properly.


It could be worse. You could have been living during ww2 and got sent out to fight during d-day, stepped on a land mine and had both legs blown off, then survived for 10 more minutes in immense pain with the recollection that you will never see your home life again. Or, you could survive and lift the rest of your life with no legs or dick and balls. Then, your wife leaves your for another man and takes the kids. How about you go for a hike in the woods with your family. A bear comes and mauls your entire family except you. The mental grief you live with for ever is horrible. While it’s unfortunate you lost lots of money, realize that everybody has struggles in life. While financial issues can seem to be some of the toughest on the outside, remember that currency is just a game to an extent and that the health of you and your loved ones hasn’t changed because of this.


It feels like a kick in the balls, but the truth is that now you’ve learned a valuable lesson. Here’s the thing, you’re in the game now. You’ve begun your investment career, made the dummy moves and paid for your education. The bright side here is that you (hopefully) won’t make those same mistakes again. And if you don’t quit investing and choose not to just follow the herd on meme stocks and instead either make your own way or follow the ETF herd, you will be lightyears ahead of the person who never bought a single share of anything.


It may help to go to the daily or weekly chart and zoom out. Go look at October 2018, May 2019, September 2019, Sept 2020. Fear is a mf’er, but look at the aftermath of each of those events. I like to think of it as a big sale, or a rubberband- the harder the pullback the higher the ensuing trajectory.


I’m in the same boat as you with Ark K, F, and G. Worst trading mistake of my life. I got caught up in the hype too. I should have just stuck with SPY and VTI. Now I’m down almost 30% and I have to hold because I simply cannot afford to lose that much. However, there is a real possibility that it doesn’t recover and I lose everything. I hate myself right now. If it does rebound, I will literally exit the moment it reaches my cost basis. I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t believe anything feom anyone online or cnbc. Nobody really knows anything. Broad based index funds from now onward.