TIL about Mariano Martinez. A man who in 1971 modified an ice cream machine to create the first frozen margarita machine. He did this to meet demand for a popular margarita recipe he was serving at the time. You can find his invention on display at the Smithsonian Museum for American history.

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My wife and I honeymooned at a resort in Jamaica. They had a bar right on the beach which had frozen Piña Coladas on tap in a machine like this. I don’t remember much.


Mariano’s and La Hacienda Ranch are great restaurants that he owns.


If it’s frozen, do you *eat* or *drink* the margarita?


Best invention ever!


As a former employee, fuck this guy. He has a literally larger than life (he’s five foot three, tops, so that’s not too hard) portrait of himself dressed as Pancho Villa in every one of his stores. Employees were told not to make eye contact with him unless they were young, blonde women. Also, it was another dallas store, 7-11, that actually invented the machine, and it was for the Slurpee (which is definitely not ice cream) , which predates the Icee and all the rest. Mariano just bought one and put tequila in it. Additionally, as local legend has it, it was actually the general manager at his first store’s idea, and Mariano stole it, fired him, and took all the credit. So he ripped off TWO people to call himself ‘inventor of the frozen margarita’. The food and margaritas ARE really good, though. Stop by if you are in Dallas.