TIL Czechoslovakia split up against the wishes of its people: “only 37% of Slovaks and 36% of Czechs favoured dissolution”

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The Slovak political parties wanted a looser form of government, the Czech political parties wanted either a tighter form of government or total separation. When they opened negotiations to try to resolve their positions, they both eventually found dissolution preferable to either a looser form of government or a tighter form or government.


I live in Slovakia. My mom still tells me stories about how it was before the seperation from time to time. Praises them even.


Of course, the “Czechs” and the “Slovaks” were against splitting up Czechoslovakia. People forget it was the third group in the federation – the little known “O” ethnic minority – that pushed for the breakup.


And czechia wasnt supposed to use the current (old czechoslovak) flag. They were both supposed to get new flags. But the czechs couldnt agree on a new flag so they just took the existing one.


My grandpa bought a tractor from there back in the 80’s. Zetor is the brand name. That thing is nearly indestructible. Built to be worked on. Those folks could build a tractor. God bless them.