TIL Japanese Gen. Kuribayashi knew he was facing unsurmountable odds during the invasion of Iwo Jima. He forbade standard Japanese banzai charges, leading an American general to say he was “one smart bastard.” At the end, he inflicted 26k American casualties while fighting with “emaciated men.”

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It was the only battle in the Pacific where the US Marines suffered more casualties than the Japanese.


I’ve no idea how historically accurate his portrayal was in the film *Letters From Iwo Jima*. But he certainly seemed pretty sharp.


> Kuribayashi had lived in America. He knew our national character. That’s why he deliberately chose to fight in a way that would relentlessly drive up the number of casualties. I think he hoped American public opinion would shift toward wanting to bring the war with Japan to a rapid end.” That seems smart, but on the other hand, info from the battlefield was censored by Americans anyway, I doubt they’d let their losses be in the spotlight.


Because of Reddit over the past few days, I saw your post and was like, “Oh, cool, we’re gonna see this dead Japanese General’s face move around in a familiarly human way.”


Not ordering suicidal mass charges makes you smart? I mean yeah sure why not.