TIL that during the sinking of the RMS Titanic, many passengers refused to evacuate, insisting they were safer on the ship than in the tiny lifeboats. Chief baker Charles Joughin eventually took it upon himself to forcibly drag reluctant passengers onto the deck and hurl them into the lifeboats

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According to a show I saw last week, he gave people loaves of bread and selflessly gave up a seat for a lady and her baby. He drank liquor, and waited until the last minute to get in the water. He miraculously survived when he was rescued by a ship.


This guy is my personal favorite Titanic survivor–as soon as he realized what was up, he got the other bakers together and sent everyone out with loaves of bread to provision the lifeboats; then he literally dumped a number of women into boats who didn’t want to leave; then he started throwing deck chairs overboard for people to hang on to…and, while doing all of this, he kept slipping back to his cabin periodically for another good belt of booze. He finally ended up on the other side of the railing on the stern as the ship was going down, and was able to just step off it and swim away; hung out just paddling around for an hour or so before swimming over to an overturned lifeboat. Couldn’t get on, but someone recognized him and held on to his hand until they were all finally rescued by the *Carpathia*. It always cracks me up a bit at the appropriate point in the movie where Jack and Rose are hanging onto the stern railing, look over, and see this guy taking a good snort out of his flask–I always want to jump up and yell “*See that guy*? HE MADE IT!” You just have to love a guy who basically looked Death right in the eye and said “Not today, motherfucker!” (OK, so he probably wouldn’t have used that word, but you get what I mean…)


“You’re gonna have your life saved and you’re gonna like it!”


After seeing how people are handling covid, this no longer surprises me.


As someone who has been on the Bering sea (I know that’s not where the titanic went down) when you go out on the deck of your little boat the last thing you ever want to do is get in that water. Many times I have looked over the rail imagining having to jump in and it’s just terrifying. It’s pitch black outside and freezing. If a little life boat was my only choice I’d get in, but I’d be reluctant to.