TIL that Ring was on Shark Tank and walked away without a deal. Ring later sold to Amazon for $1 billion.

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Most people who are experienced in business would never go through these guys. It’s generally not a good deal for the business owner.


After that happened, and they were kinda boned, someone was at a resort and answered their doorbell using Ring to talk to a delivery person. Some other guy there saw this and goes “that’s cool, what is that?” And the dude shows him his phone and explains it’s a new video doorbell thing. …So “some other guy” was Richard fucking Branson and he owned the resort, and went to the guys and bought a couple dozen to give away as gifts. Then he helped them raise $30million. Fate is so cool.


Smart for walking away, the deals on the show seem predatory.


“Ah darn” – Shark Tank judges


You don’t go to Shark Tank for a deal. You go there for free publicity.