TIL that the Italian island of sicily was occupied by Muslims between from 831 to 1091 AD. Under Muslim rule, the island became increasingly prosperous and cosmopolitan. Trade and agriculture flourished, and Palermo, its capital, became one of the largest and wealthiest cities in Europe.

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Muslim societies were once the height of scientific innovation and cosmopolitan culture.


Palermo’s the most conquered city in history. First, the phoenicians, the romans, carthaginians… The byzantines. Then came the arabs, spaniards, neapolitans. Now comes the American army. – Patton


Picture it Sicily 1089.


Anyone else see True Romance? That scene where Dennis Hopper is explaining to Christopher Walker why Sicilians are dark skinned and dark haired? Anyone?


And it thrived before Islam, and it thrived under the Normans after