TIL: There are 2 versions of Girl Scout Cookies. They employ 2 different bakers for their cookies, ABC Bakers & Little Brownie Bakers (the cookies they make look differently, taste differently &, in some cases, even have different names). Where you live determines which type of cookie you will get!

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I’m upset over this


I lived in one zone growing up, and another now that I have peers with children selling these. I was convinced my memories were wrong until seeing this as a fb post a year or so ago. Now I have to screen peer sellers to make sure they’re getting the good ones.


I still don’t believe either contain real girl scouts…


You left out that Little Brownie is really Keebler.


I found this out when I was a GS leader in a region that sold the (IMHO) inferior cookies. Little Brownie Bakers 4 life!