‘Today is the day I will die’ – Nun who opposed Myanmar military says she begged them for mercy

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Think that if you’ve reached a point where you’re beating the shit out of healthcare workers during a pandemic, killing protesters and nuns are begging you for mercy, it’s a pretty solid moment to think to yourself who the bad guys are and which side you’re on


For us that are uninformed can someone summarize what’s going on in Myanmar?


It’s tragic, but the protestors are all going to be slaughtered. A pro-democratic uprising can succeed in three ways: i) If the incumbent doesn’t have the political will to continue resisting. ii) If the protestors attract foreign intervention (i.e. boots on the ground.) iii) If the protestors can get the military to side with them. In this case, *none* of the three are going to happen. The junta has all the guns and they’re willing to use them, and *no-one is coming to help.* This is going to end like Hong Kong, but with more bloodshed.


These atrocities are ripping my heart out – and difficult to ignore , and feeling unable to help. This is a maddening situation, and world ‘leaders’ are doing NOTHING !!!!!! STOP THIS SHIT.


Can someone post the article? I don’t feel like giving all my cookies away.