Uighurs take case against Beijing Games to IOC ethics chief Ban Ki-moon

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IOC Ethics chief — that’s to be an interesting job.


Given the lifted the ban on Russia in Rio after the state based doping scandal. Its quite clear the IOC give lip service only to the idealised, noble Olympic concepts, but only hold to one true ideal: making fat stacks of cash.


Incase anyone didn’t know, the World Uyghur Congress is one of the many “independent” shell organizations funded and operated by the US government.


There was some idea in the Netherlands to host the 2028 Olympics here because it would be exactly 100 years after our last Olympics. I often find myself respectfully disagreeing with our PMs austerity measures, but I am so happy he said no to the Olympics. Shit sounds expensive and not worth it whatsoever. Also, ethics and all being buggered is not great.


The United States just oh so cares about Muslims right? They just bombed and killed 22 of them last week in Syria.