We joke about older people not being able to use technology properly but their generations knew a ton of different skills that we don’t know how to do and would look equally dumb for.

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Oh yeah? How good are they at holding the fucking flashlight, then?


I’m a young techy guy and even I am already feeling the same effects of looking dumb. Some skills I learned 15 years ago are completely useless now, and change is so rapid there’s a ton of new stuff I need to ask for help to use.


Like how to remember phone numbers.


It’s not their ignorance in itself that makes them look dumb. It’s their willful ignorance. It’s one thing to not know a thing and then educate yourself. But you’re just a Luddite if you throw your hands up and say “I don’t want to because I didn’t have to before”. I have a 70 year old boss and he latches on to all kinds of new tech just fine because of his attitude. We don’t know those old skills likely because they’re no longer relevant. There lies the crux of the issue. Relevancy. Unless it’s for your own personal enjoyment, why learn a skill that is no longer relevant?


I stopped making any old people/young people technology jokes after I met my husband’s grandfather. A lot of the projects he worked on while working at Bendix are still in operation on Voyager 1 and 2. He passed away recently, we’ve got all the components of his ham radio up in the closet waiting for my kiddo to be old enough to be interested in resurrecting it. I feel like the Little Mermaid trying to describe them: “that’s a huge metal hairbrush, that’s a thingimabob with dials, that’s a thingimabob with a diode display, I’ve heard of these pretty sure they’re called ‘wires’…”. I can 3-D print little doodads, but this man could talk to people on the other side of the world with gear he cobbled together in his garage. And might I add, that’s a mighty fine user name, OP.