Wells Fargo withdrew someone else’s mortgage from my account. My account is now over drawn.

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I was able to get Bank of America to issue credit into my account immediately after a fraudulent withdrawal, and that wasn’t even their fault. I’d call back and see if you can escalate. This is really shitty of them.


CFPB complaint is sometimes the only way to get a resolution quickly.


OP, who have you spoken to at your bank? Whoever locked down the transaction may have initiated something on their end. You probably want to speak to someone in their fraud dept. and see if they can at least allow you access to funds until the issue is cleared. I suspect they’ll call the other entity, verify it was an error, and possibly extended funds to you as a courtesy. I had similar instance occur (though it was only ~$800). My credit union gave me the funds and then withdrew it after the initial transaction was reversed.


Someone at a local branch might help more then some one over the phone. Unfortunately you might have to try going to several employees before you find one willing to help you. However you might also want to look into the consumer finically protection bureau. They are supposed to over see the banks. I have never had to actually go to them, so not totally sure how they can help but they should be able to. Also also get everything in Writing and record your calls