What are some examples of “it’s cheaper to be rich than poor”?

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Remote work. I’m practically saving the equivilent in a minimum wage job from reduced wear and tear / gas / servicing / insurance. And that’s just the quantitative dollars.


Furniture. More expensive furniture is often made better and lasts longer so you don’t have to keep buying new. Same with clothes.


Work from home. Poor people have more service oriented jobs that don’t allow for it.


Ran out of money in your checking account? Well now you have to pay a $50 fine for not having any money.


Dental care. If you can afford to go to the dentist even once a year, get preventative care, fix cavities early, and it’s significantly less expensive than more complicated restorations and treatment. I know way more poor people who just wait there’s a serious issue, and just have a tooth pulled, because that’s cheaper. I know someone who lost a chunk of jaw bone from a bad tooth and needed a bone graft. Not to mention, dentists in the US have worked hard to prevent dental care being included in health insurance. You need separate dental insurance, even though oral health is very much connected with your overall health.