What hobby saved you from your depression?

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I’m bipolar I and I floundered despite being on medication for a few years. My passion is music and I spent a lot of time on Spotify. But one day I got the idea to start collecting CDs of the music I love. It worked so much. Now I don’t lie around being depressed and thinking I have nothing. I have almost 1500 CDs that I listen to all the time and I joined a music forum where all we do is discuss music. Yeah, I know I’m one of the last people who collect CDs but if I’m honest it completely turned my depression around and probably saved my life.


Gardening. It always brings a smile to my face to see the little bit that my plants grow. It can get you outdoors and get you some Vitamin D, which is a mood booster. I guess this is more tailored to people with land to grow, but if you think you can’t grow anything because you’ll kill it, grow corn. Corn is grass and grasses grow easier. I think gardening is the key to eternal (or at least close to it) youth.


Running and exercise. Wouldn’t say I had full blown depression but working out in general has given me a place to exhaust the darkest parts of my mind. If something is eating at me or I can’t shake it, I try to indulge it when I’m doing something physically hard and it’s worked well for my balance.


Learning to knit. It occupies your mind and hands. Its coming up on 3 years since my son died of cancer and a month and 10 days after that my mother died of cancer. They were diagnosed 2 weeks apart in Feb and my son died the beginning of April, 5 days before his 25th birthday. I really miss them both so much! Thank you to everyone for your support, I never expected to get upvotes or comments.