What is a song you cannot listen to for an emotional reason?

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My grandpa and I used to listen to Johnny Cash in the car together (he and my grandma helped raise me, so we spent a LOT of time together). When I was very little I thought Grandpa was Johnny Cash, as his name was Johnny also and he had a gravelly bass-baritone and a thick twang. No matter what, when I Walk the Line came on, he’d hold out his hand for me to hold and he’d sing. I didn’t know until I was much older that none of my family had ever heard him sing. He died two years ago, and I still can’t hear I Walk the Line without bawling my eyes out. Edit: Wow, everybody, thank you. The fact that thousands of people are also thinking about Grandpa John today also makes me cry- but in a good way. Thank you all!


Mr blue sky. Used it as my morning alarm for a couple months and now it triggers my fight or flight response


Ozzy Osborn’s “Momma I’m Coming Home.” “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum. Both are wrapped up in my son’s suicide. They are just to much for me. EDIT: I want to thank everyone for your out pouring of love and compassion. I never imagined this would blow up, but be lost among all of the answers as so often they do get lost. Your empathy and compassion means so much to me and does my heart good. Again thank you.


What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. This song was what my parents used for their first dance at their wedding. My Mom made sure it played at my Dad’s funeral in 2016, I haven’t really been able to feel the same when I listen to it. Today, I broke down and listened to it again, celebrating what would have been my parents’ 26th wedding anniversary.


Highway man by the highwaymen. Lost my little brother to cancer 5 months ago. We used to drive around in GTA5 together (we live in different cities) . Whenever that song came on the in-game radio we would stop whatever we were doing and sing along or just listen. Whenever I hear the song now I can still hear his voice singing along… and then when it’s over he would always say “now that’s a good song.” Miss you Bro. You will remain.