What’s the worst way you’ve been embarrassed by a child?

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When my sister was 9 she shouted “white power” while waiting in line at dorney park. We are Hispanic.


I had some people over and my 4 year old nephew starts shouting “is anyone here afraid of spiders?” Once he had everyone’s attention, he told us all that if anyone was afraid of spiders they needed to leave because he found cobwebs, and cobwebs mean spiders. He then proceeded to point out every single cobweb in the house to our guests.


Made myself lunch yesterday, two sandwiches because one wouldn’t cut it. My eight year old asked me if I was a bear eating to get ready for hibernation. Sick burn.


Took my 4 year old swimming. At the completion I took him to the men’s locker and getting into dry clothes. Amidst dressing he says loud enough for all to hear, “I love your penis, Dad.”


My child was 3 while we were waiting in a doctor’s office. An exquisitely dressed elderly woman was sitting next to us and started talking to my son. Kid is fascinated by all the sparkly jewels and such, and says, “I love your shiny necklace, and your pretty earrings…and your yellow teeth.” (Edited to thank you kind folks for the awards! And thanks too for all the replies. I’ve been laughing so much today, I love it!)