White House may nominate SLS backer and Congressman-turned-astronaut Bill Nelson as NASA Administrator as soon as today. (Second story in link)

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> In 2017 and 2018, Nelson sought to prevent Jim Bridenstine, President Trump’s nominee to head NASA, from being confirmed in the Senate. Bridenstine had no formal qualifications in science or engineering, and denied the scientific consensus on climate change. Bridenstine was ultimately confirmed Though Nelson himself is no engineer, he often complained that both the Obama and Trump administrations had starved NASA of funding. As a former Congressman and Senator, he’ll still have lots of connections in Congress to get money moving back into NASA. The downside is that they could go to historically thirsty and often-delayed programs like the Starliner.


Bridenstine turned out to be pretty good even though he was a politician.


Can we not call him an astronaut it gives the wrong impression. He flew one mission, was forbidden from doing any of the experiments on the mission and was nicknamed Ballast by his crew mates.


He wasn’t an astronaut. He was a politician who used political strings to get himself on a spaceflight. The other astronauts nicknamed him “ballast”.


What was the average age of the NASA employees during Gemini? Wasn’t it around 24 years old? Do we really need another 78 y.o. fossil running NASA for the benefit of the contractor friends Nelson made while in congress?