Why do we think there are 1,000,000,000,000 starless planets in our galaxy? | 4K

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How are they planets without a star when Pluto was declassified as a planet because of how the orbit was observed?


The video answered **HOW** we can detect these rogue planets, but not *why* we think there are so many. Unless I missed something? Do we have good hypothesis as to the # or is it just hoping?


I like to call them “rogue” planets, because they have run off and live on their own now.


I sometimes think about how utterly limited our capability to understand space is. We have the observable universe and we can theorize our observations. But what is beyond the veil? The observable universe could be just small teeny tiny speck of the actual universe. There could be black holes bigger than observable universe out there. And that is the most terrifying thing I can imagine.


This was a very interesting video that explained what micro lensing is and how rare it is for a star to transit another star. That said, the telescope won’t be launched in 2025. Anyone wanna bet?