Why PLTR is still a growth tech stock you STILL want to own.

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Thank you for this fabulous breakdown. These graphs make it so easy to understand the actual performance of PLTR. I’ve accumulated 43k shares and tucked it away for long term investment so I can’t complain. I’m ever more confident in PLTR’s future and can’t wait to see it reach is fullest potential as ‘one of the most important software of out time’


This company is not going away. It’s solid and will be used by a lot of companies for the foreseeable future. Just hold tight and see everyone on the other side of this mess


Building my position. Scooped up 500 more shares between $21-23 today. 2,500 shares and growing.


Yup, this company is at a very good discount right now. I can’t help but keep purchasing more every time.


Hope it drops down more to scoop up more shares.